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Month: August 2019

Dress shopping

Dress shopping can intimidating with the large amount of designs, colors and shapes to decide on, once you figure out what your body form is, selecting one becomes a lot easier. If you’re unsure as to what your physique is take a glance at some online guides to determine your body form.

Plus, once you identify the proper dress to suit and flatter, whether or not you’re attending a big day or you are trying to find vacation wear, you’ll feel more confident.

Dresses with a V-neck will elongate your figure whereas the empire waist (one that cinches right under the bust line) will be flattering for those with an apple body form. The flaring skirt also can be nice for pear shapes.

If you tend to carry weight around your tummy, then you’re doubtless an apple form. The secret for this type of shape is to look for dresses that won’t clutch your belly, but which will skim over it. That way, you’ll be able to conceal the elements that you aren’t so sure of while focusing on your shapely legs. Look for shift designs which skim over the body, instead of clinging to each contour. Knee length designs will show off your calves.

You could prefer to ignore the very fact there’s a waist underneath there and go for a shift dress or a swing style just like the apple form, otherwise you might go along with an illusion dress to form curves where there aren’t any, that use strategically placed patterns and panels to form curves. Look for strategically placed patterns, stripes, pockets and ruffles to feature form to your figure.

If your shoulders and hips are identical widths but there’s very little distinction between those and your waist, then you’ll be looking for flattering dresses for the rectangle form. Fortunately, most dress shapes will work for you. There are a lot of tips here on a way to dress the rectangle, as well as why stripes are a decent selection for rectangles.

For hourglass figures, look for dresses which have a defined waistline. They don’t necessarily need to have a belt, however they must follow your own form. That way, you show off your slimmest point, and don’t make yourself look heavier than you really are. I continually think hourglasses look particularly lovely once they channel some old style Hollywood glamour. Think Marylin Monroe.

For pear shape women who carry weight on their hips and thighs, they need to draw attention to their waist and shoulders. By choosing a sleeveless fit-and-flare style, one can permit you to highlight the top half of your body, drawing attention to your toned arms and slim waist, while the complete skirt can hide something you’re not so confident about.

If you’re an inverted triangle, then your shoulders are going to be wider than your hips. To form a balance, you should choose slimming necklines and sporting less material on top. A halter neck typically looks stunning on the inverted triangle form, because it incorporates a slimming impact on the upper body, while still showing off statuesque shoulders and toned arms.

By knowing, or discovering, what your own body form is, you’ll be able to learn what’s going to suit you best and what won’t. And choosing a dress style to flatter your own individual form will create an enormous difference in the way you look and feel, whether or not you’re trying to find a summer vacation dress or a dress for a proper event.

Beating the heat

With average temps that are normally twenty to thirty degrees cooler, Mount Lemmon is Tucson’s coolest refuge from the June 21 heat. This 9,157-foot peak is the highest point within the Santa Catalina Mountains, that hug Tucson’s north and east sides. It’s a brief drive from central Tucson and takes you thru many different ecosystems as well as grasslands, woodlands and at last lush forest.

The small community of Summerhaven close to the top of the mountain has many restaurants and businesses as well as a cookie cabin and a preferred lunch joint referred to as the Sawmill Run, where you’ll enjoy a ½ pound burger and local Dragoon IPA on the breezy terrace. After eating your lunch you can take a stroll through the close Marshall flume hiking path, a 4.4 mile loop that takes you thru tall poplar tree forests and past a touch creek.

Further up the mountain you’ll notice the southernmost ski area in the country, the Mount Lemmon Ski valley, that operates its ski lift even in the summer. It’s fun to take the 30 minute ride up and down the mountain through groves of enormously tall ponderosa trees, leading up to an out of this world view of the city of Tucson below.

Further up the mountain at the summit, the Mt. Lemmon SkyCenter, operated by the Steward Observatory, runs the a number of the biggest telescopes in the country offered for public viewing. the center hosts regular Sky Nights where you’ll explore constellations and find out about our universe.

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