Saguaro National Park West

Saguaro National Park West is also called Tucson Mountain Park since it’s situated within the Tucson Mountain Range. The west side of this park covers about 25,000 yards and stretches out of your Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, at its southern border, to the City of Marana, at its northeast corner.

Saguaro National Park East

Saguaro National Park East, encircles the Rincon Mountain Range and is also known as the Rincon Mountain District. It’s in the area of two major Southern Arizona attractions, the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum (world-renowned zoo and botanical garden) and Old Tucson, the 1930s movie set and place of dozens of movies and TV shows, now a beautiful family-oriented Western theme park along with items for big and little kids.

Visit Both Saguaro National Park West and East in One Day

The West and East areas of the park provide quite different experiences. Should you have enough time, we recommend visiting the regions of the park. Both are convenient and accessible from Marana, AZ.. The West side of the park provides many scenics”oohs!” And”ahhs” having some of the largest stands of saguaro cactus in the world, which you’ll be able to enjoy like a hiker, photographer, or out of picnic tables along with your vehicle. The East side also has panoramic drives and can be geared more to hiking. The East side is at a completely different mountain range compared to the Saguaro National Park West, also it has pine woods, considerably higher elevations, and lots of campgrounds that are accessible only to hikers. If you’ve got one afternoon, Saguaro National Park West is close by and easy to find the iconic saguaro forest desert landscape and one or 2 key area attractions (Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum and Old Tucson) in 1 visit.